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Deposit cash or checks

If you receive checks or cash that need to be deposited into your department’s account, follow the steps below to ensure that the money is credited properly and in a timely manner.

  • checkSolution 1: Deposit cash or checks

    This process is for receipts that are not Advancement gifts and fundraising.

    • Step 1

      Checks must be made payable to Northeastern University, must be in U.S. dollars, and must be made payable through a U.S. bank (which is usually noted on the check).

    • Step 2

      Fill out the Department Deposit Form.

      Please note:

      • Complete all the fields on the form or it will be returned to you.
      • Provide both the Banner Index and Account numbers. If you are unsure what numbers to use, view the Banner Codes page or call the Accounting Office at 617.373.2605. Do not use any Banner Finance account numbers that begin with an 8 or 9, or any of the following numbers:

      50425        50931        50943

      50430        50933        50946

      54100        50936        50995

      54110        50941        73000

      • Be brief when writing the description. Only 13 characters—including punctuation and spaces—are allowed.
      • Treasury Services cannot calculate percentage breakdowns for checks. Please specify dollar amounts for each deposit, especially when a check is going to more than one Banner Finance account.
      • Remove all stubs from checks.
      • Do not staple checks to the deposit form. Attach checks with paper clips or binder clips. If you have a large number of checks to deposit, group them in batches of no more than 25 checks per deposit form. Wrap larger bundles of checks in the deposit form.
      • You do not need to send  backup information for the deposit. We only require that the deposit form and the cash/checks be sent to us.
    • Step 3

      Submit checks and the Department Deposit Form to Treasury Services in person or through interoffice mail to our office at 349 Richards Hall. Cash must be hand-delivered.

    • Step 4

      Keep a copy of the deposit for your records. Treasury Services does not provide receipts for deposits.

    • Step 5

      You can confirm that a deposit you submitted has been processed by looking in Banner Finance.

  • checkSolution 2: Deposit Advancement-related gifts
  • checkSolution 3: Learn more
    • Cash and checks must be processed in compliance with Northeastern’s Policy on Handling Payments Made to the University. View the policy here.