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Pay my student loan

Students must pay Northeastern directly for some types of loans. To pay Federal Perkins, Nursing, Health Professions, or Physician’s Assistant loans, you will use the university’s online loan portal.

  • checkSolution 1: Make a one-time payment

    Borrowers may pay their monthly loan installment at any time with a credit card, debit card, or e-check.

    • Step 1

      Log in to

    • Step 2

      Click the Pay Bill tab.

    • Step 3

      Click the Pay Online button.

    • Step 4

      Enter the payment amount in the Amount to Pay field.

    • Step 5

      Click the Make Payment button, confirm the amount, and click Continue.

    • Step 6

      Select your payment method and click Continue Checkout.

    • Step 7

      Enter your payment information in the corresponding field(s) and click Continue Checkout. You will receive a message that your transaction was approved or denied.

  • checkSolution 2: Make recurring payments

    Borrowers may set up and manage a recurring automatic debit (ACH) from a checking or savings account.

    • Step 1

      Log in to

    • Step 2

      Click to expand the Personal Information option in the left sidebar. Then click ACH Accounts.

      • To set up a new ACH, click the Add Account button, add the banking information, and save.
      • To change an existing ACH, choose Update or Turn Off and make your changes.