Ordering Personal Hygiene Protection Equipment (PHPE)

Ordering Personal Hygiene Protection Equipment (PHPE) image

Procurement Services and Facilities have partnered to make sure all departments can order the PHPE items needed to operate safely.

We have partnered with Staples to make hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes available.  Please review the table below for the product codes. They may be ordered through myMarketplace using the Staples page.

The supply chain for all items related to COVID-19 is volatile. If a particular item you are trying to order is not available, please contact our inside account manager Zach Allen for information about alternatives.

Zack Allen


Please note:

    • For common spaces serviced daily by Facilities supplies are centrally funded & procured.
    • All other product procurement is funded by the purchaser and billed to the unit.
    • For research groups, items like masks, gowns and gloves are available via a Work Order submitted to Facilities.


ProductDetailsHow to Purchase Staples No.
Surface Cleaning Products* (Alcohol Wipes)6”x8” WipesPurchase via MyMarketplace 24443474
7”x7” Wipes 24447409
Individual Hand Sanitizer*Germ-X 8oz Capped BottlePurchase via MyMarketplace 24442533 &  24447383
Germ-X 8oz Pump Bottle 24442534
Instant Gel 8oz Capped Bottle 24444631
Instant Gel 8oz Pump Bottle 24444627
Instant Gel 16oz Pump Bottle 24444630
Disposable MasksSelf-Provided unless required by jobWork Order thru MyNortheastern n/a
Nitrile GlovesSelf-Provided unless required by job n/a
GownsResearch only n/a
ThermometersResearch only n/a
Clear Mouth Face MaskResearch only n/a
N95 MaskResearch onlyContact EH&S n/a


Availability as of 8/3/2020


Perfect Purity Antibacterial Gel Hand SanitizerGerm-X Waterless Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz. Pump BottleGerm-X Waterless Antibacterial Hand SanitizerPurell Advanced Gel Hand SanitizerMellow Gel Hand SanitizerMellow Gel Hand SanitizerMellow Gel Hand SanitizerGel Hand SanitizerAlcohol WipesSanidate Sanitizing Wipe
Item Number:Item #: 24441942 Item #: 24442534   Item #: 24447383     Item #: 24447740Item #: 24444631Item #: 24444627Item #: 24444630Item #: 24447408Item #: 24443474Item #: 24442568
Price12/CT8 oz.8 oz.12.6 oz each8 oz.8 oz.16.9 oz.8 oz.50 Wipes/Pack125 Wipes per canister, 6/Carton
UOM details$47.89$2.99$2.99$79.99$2.99$2.99$5.49$3.99$2.99$67.99
Additional InfoNo limitLimit 24Limit 24Limit 2No limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitLimit 6
LeadAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable NowAvailable Now
Cost per UOM$3.99/each $2.99/each$2.99/each$6.67/each$2.99/each$2.99/each$5.49/each$3.99/each$2.99/each$11.31/each