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Deposit cash or checks

If you receive checks that need to be deposited into your department’s account and are not Advancement gifts, you can follow the steps below to ensure that the money is credited properly and in a timely manner:

  • checkSolution 1: Deposit cash or checks

    This process is for receipts that are not Advancement gifts and fundraising.

    • Step 1

      Verify the following:

      • The check is made payable to Northeastern University. We do not accept third-party checks (made payable to someone other than Northeastern University and endorsed on the back).
      • The written and numerical amounts of the check match.
      • The date of the check is valid and has not expired. The period of validity is typically stated right on the check, and most checks are valid up to 180 days unless otherwise stated.
      • There is a signature on the check.
      • The check is written in ink, not pencil.
      • The check is in US dollars and drawn on a US bank or US branch of a foreign bank.
      • The check is not a gift or donation. These should go to Advancement Information Systems for processing. Contact AIS at for additional guidance.
    • Step 2

      Fill out new online Department Deposit form.

    • Step 3

      Depending on the Banner index that you provided, you will receive instructions to submit check/cash to Treasury Services or another department.

    • Step 4

      Your online request will be routed to the appropriate queue for review (Treasury Services or another department).

    • Step 5

      Follow the guidance in the email notification that your deposit request has been submitted for delivering your physical checks appropriately.

    • Step 6

      You will receive a notification with CASHNet transaction number when your request has been processed.

      NOTE: If you receive a cash payment, please contact Treasury Services for guidance.

    • Contact Us for Help
  • checkSolution 2: Deposit Advancement-related gifts
  • checkSolution 3: Learn more
    • Cash and checks must be processed in compliance with Northeastern’s Policy on Handling Payments Made to the University. View the policy here.

      To request an exception to the Policy on Handling Payments Made to the University, please contact Treasury at