Tracking COVID19 Expenses

Tracking COVID19 Expenses image

It is important that the university keeps track of COVID19 related costs, given the potential to recover some of these unexpected costs through various means such as federal programs and insurance claims. The Finance Office is implementing a tracking mechanism through Banner Finance using a field in our chart of accounts called “Activity Code”. Flagging a transaction with COVID code will provide information for review of costs.

At the end of 2020 we made available the usage of Activity Code in some of our financial systems, such as Banner POs and Requisitions, Concur, DPAYs & Expense Vouchers and Manual Journal Vouchers. We would like to inform you that this functionality is now available for purchases through myMarketplace.

Functionality for K2 Journal Vouchers will be available at a later date. Please see further instructions and information related to this functionality by clicking on the link below:

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