Update on Procure to Pay Procedures: March 25, 2020

Update on Procure to Pay Procedures: March 25, 2020 image

An update on the university’s procure to pay operation while most employees are working remotely.

Q: Did you leave an invoice in your office?  Was one mailed to campus but you can’t get to it?

A:  Confirm that the invoice has not been paid (check Banner SSB or Eprint for transactional details)

  • Is there a PO for this invoice?


Q:  I’m making a new purchase.  What’s the best way to pay for it? 

A:  Ask the vendor if they will accept your corporate Amex card.

  • If yes, pay with your card.  Request a receipt.  Use that receipt to reconcile your purchase in Concur.
  • If the vendor does not accept Amex,  follow that standard Procure to Pay processes. Be sure to get an electronic invoice and submit via the process outlined above.


Q:  I’ve hit my monthly limit on my Amex.  What do I do?

A:  Please request a temporary increase on your card limit.  Send an email to either or explaining the problem.  Request a specific dollar limit that would be adequate.  Copy your supervisor and ask them to provide approval over email.


Q:  I have an emergency and I need guidance on how to purchase and pay for something. 

A:  Please contact Mike Mallon (AP) or Mike McNamara (Procurement) for support.


For additional information on remote payment operations, please refer to our guidance here.