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Find the status of an invoice or payment

Accounts Payable typically processes invoices within three days. To determine if your invoice has been processed and sent for payment, follow the steps below.

  • checkSolution 1: Find the status of an invoice or payment
    • Step 1

      Go to the Employee Hub and click on Resources, then Financial Services, and select “Banner (INB)” from the links provided. Login using your Northeastern credentials.

    • Step 2

      Type FAIVNDH in the search tool and select “Vendor Detail History (FAIVNDH) from the dropdown list.

    • Step 3

      Type the vendor’s Z number into the vendor box. Click on Go.

    • Step 4

      Find the invoice you are seeking. If you don’t see it, Accounts Payable may not have received it yet.

    • Step 5

      Review the Approval column. If there is a “Y,” the payment has been processed and approved, and the check will be cut on the date listed in the Due Date column. If there is an “N,” Accounts Payable has processed the payment, but the invoice has not been approved in Banner Finance.

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