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Learn about campus access

Northeastern has a collective goal to ensure that all of the vendors that service our campus abide by the safety protocols that are necessary to provide for a safe environment for the campus community. Vendors will need to be pre-registered with NUPD before accessing the Boston Campus. For safety reasons, vehicle access to campus is limited.

  • checkSolution 1: Registering as a vendor and accessing campus
    • Step 1

      Northeastern’s vendor registration form is designed to capture information from vendors and their respective key contacts within NU.  By having all of our vendors entered into this collection point we can ensure smooth access to campus.

    • Step 2

      Once a vendor is registered a communication will be sent asking the vendor to complete a Work Readiness Assessment and will include a link to our Campus Access Protocols.

      • Note: Vendors will need to certify that their employees will wear their company identification on their outer clothing, will practice good hygiene, wear face covering and practice healthy distancing. Deliveries and access to campus may be restricted, subject to verification, and require a vendor access pass to be displayed while on campus.
    • Step 3

      Review Northeastern’s map of campus and vehicle restricted access plan.

    • Step 4

      Review Northeastern’s parking protocols for vendors, below:

      • All contractors, subcontractors or vendors must purchase one of the University offered parking options to have a vehicle on campus. The University does not provide free parking and will not allow vehicles to be parked throughout the university campus grounds.
      • Contractors/Vendors may not park in any fire lanes, loading dock areas or adjacent to any buildings. All vehicles must be parked in a legitimate parking spot or location approved in advance by a University representative.
      • The Fire Department requires that 2 sides, at least 50% of the building be accessible for firefighting equipment at all times. Therefore, areas unmarked adjacent to buildings are not parking spaces. This includes all service roads, privately owned roads, entrances to buildings, sidewalks and the public streets that pass through our campus.
      • Equipment, tools and supplies may be dropped off at buildings, however, it must occur before 7:30 and for a period not to exceed 15 minutes.  After this period, vehicles will be subject to towing at the vehicle owner or operator’s expense.
      • Please be advised that management of parking operations for the Boston Campus is managed by MasParc. For information on parking, please visit
  • checkContact us for help
      • Todd Kaplan, Associate Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management – Vendor Registration Process
      • Facilities Customer Service – Campus Access and Urgent Matters, 617-373-2754