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Use e-Print

Northeastern uses the e-Print system to store financial reports on a server. The reports can be viewed on a web browser.

  • checkSolution 1: Find an e-Print report
    • Go to the e-Print website. If you are outside of the Northeastern network, you will be prompted to enter your Northeastern login.

    • Step 2

      The menu page will list the reports available to you. At the bottom of the page, select the report you would like to view, or click Next to view the next series of reports.

    • Step 3

      Click the PDF button to view the most recent report. Use the arrows to navigate back to the main reports page.

    • Step 4

      Click the drill icon to view other versions of the report.

  • checkSolution 2: Download an e-Print report
    • Step 1

      Right-click on the icon of the file type you’d like to download:

      • PDF: Adobe Acrobat
      • Text: Text file
      • Data: CSV file to be opened with Microsoft Excel
    • Step 2

      Click on Save Target As.

    • Step 3

      Identify where the file should be saved.

  • checkSolution 3: Print an e-Print report
    • Step 1

      Click the PDF icon next to the report.

    • Step 2

      Proceed to the printer menu. Identify the page(s) you want to print.