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Transfer or wire money

Northeastern departments occasionally must accept or send electronic payments to or from third parties.

  • checkSolution 1: Accept electronic payments from external parties

    Northeastern prefers to receive payments from external parties electronically rather than via check or cash. They can pay the university in any currency, from anywhere in the world.

  • checkSolution 2: Send electronic payments to external parties

    Northeastern’s Treasury Department processes all electronic payments that are not payable through Accounts Payable or Payroll. Electronic payments can be sent in any currency to banks anywhere in the world.

    • Step 1

      Use the Wire Transfer Request Form.

    • Step 2

      Direct payments for Research Administration, Finance, and Advancement to their corresponding bank accounts.

    • Step 3

      Direct all other electronic payments to the university’s Operating Account.

    • Step 4

      To ensure that the receipt is processed correctly, email the Accounting Office at the Banner Finance account number and index number to be credited.