Banner Finance

At Northeastern, multiple functions fall under Banner, including Finance, Human Resources, Advancement, and Student Services. Banner Finance is the financial system used by all Northeastern departments to track budgets, perform budget transfers, create requisitions, and approve or deny financial transactions.

Use This Tool

Use Banner Finance
  • Step 1

    Log in to myNortheastern, go to Services & Links, and search for Banner Finance (SSB).

  • Step 2

    Click on the Banner Finance (SSB) link.

  • Step 3

    Go to the Finance tab.

  • Step 4

    Select the Banner function that fits your needs.

    To view budget balances, select Budget Query or Encumbrance Query.

    To approve a requisition, invoice, or purchase order, select Approve Documents.

    To track the status of a requisition, invoice, or purchase order, select View Document and type in the document number.

    To perform a budget transfer, select Budget Transfer or Multiple Line Budget Transfer.

Approval Queues
  • Click here to access theĀ Approval Queue Dashboard.

    You can find approval queues based on document type, document ID, organization, fund, orĀ approvers.

  • Click here for additional information about Banner Finance approval queues.

  • To request Approval Queue changes

    Download and complete the following change request form: (link)


    Once complete, please save and send your request to the Internal Consulting Department at