Vendor Payment Request

The Vendor Payment Request process is used for invoices that do not have a PO and cannot be paid with an AMEX card. Northeastern’s Procure to Pay Policy outlines specific guidelines for using a PO and AMEX card as a payment method. Accounts Payable may return Vendor Payment Requests if the invoice indicates that an AMEX card is accepted and/or if the invoice does not adhere to the university’s P2P policy .

Please note that this solution does not include international payment requests for American Express foreign exchange.


What is a Vendor Payment Request form?
  • The Vendor Payment Request form (formerly known as Direct Pay Form) is the new online form used to submit an invoice to pay a vendor.

Does the Accounts Payable department accept requests sent to AP mailboxes? 
  • No, any Vendor Payment requests sent to AP mailboxes will not be accepted. 

How will I know if my request has been submitted?
  • If you have successfully submitted the request, the system will send an automatic email notification with the subject “Invoice Request Submitted”. Alternatively, you can login to your user dashboard and check the “My Requests” section of the page. Here you can find all the requests you have submitted. 

How can I check the status of a request? 
  • Login to your dashboard and check the “My Requests” section of the page. There will be a field “STATUS”, where you can get the latest status for all requests submitted by you. 

Where can I find who the Divisional Approvers are? 
  • The Divisional Approvers are dependent on the Index Number. When you enter an Index number, the Division Number and the Divisional Approvers will be auto-populated next to the Amount field. 

Can I request a change in the Divisional Approver? 
  • If a divisional approver needs to be added to the queue, select “Click to request a change” at right-hand side of the screen. In the “Comments” field, enter the relevant details of the new approver and click Submit. 

If my request is Rejected, will I know why? 
  • All Requests Rejected by Accounts Payable, Divisional Approvers will contain comments about the reasons for rejected requests. 

What are the attachments required to submit a request?  
  • While it is possible to submit a request without Invoice and W-9, it is highly recommended that all Vendor Payment Requests includes an Invoice and W-9. For other documentation, any PDF file can be attached by selecting the blank option from the drop-down “Attachment Type” 

Is the old paper form required to submit a request using the new tool? 
  • No, there is no need for the old form to be attached as a pdf. 

What are some of the reasons a Vendor Payment Request might be rejected? 
  • The most common reason a request might be rejected is when there are duplicate requests for the same invoice. Other reasons include: International Payment, Invalid/Paid Invoice.