Vendor Payment Request

The Vendor Payment Request process is used for invoices that do not have a PO and cannot be paid with an AMEX card. Northeastern’s Procure to Pay Policy outlines specific guidelines for using a PO and AMEX card as a payment method. Accounts Payable may return Vendor Payment Requests if the invoice indicates that an AMEX card is accepted and/or if the invoice does not adhere to the university’s P2P policy .

Please note that this solution does not include international payment requests for American Express foreign exchange.

Use this Tool

Access Form
  • Step 1: Go to the Request form
    Step 2: Complete the form and attach the Invoice and W-9
    Step 3: Click Submit

Approve/Reject a Vendor Payment Request form online
  • Step 1: Go to the User Dashboard and open the request form from your inbox
    Step 2: Review the request for validity
    Step 3: Select the appropriate action to be taken on the request
    Step 4: Click Submit

  • Click here to download the training guide.

    • To sign up for Vendor Payment Request training, email Accounts Payable at